Personal Identity: How Facial Recognition Affects the Way You Think of Privacy

     In today’s society, facial recognition has become one of the main ways to recognize a person’s identity. You may be using it every day to unlock your phone or identify people on social media and photos. While that’s true, it is also widely used by marketers and government agencies.

     Saks Fifth Avenue is using a system where cameras, placed in retail outlets, recognize customers’ faces and check for possible matches in their databases. Providing their social media accounts, the system makes it possible to analyze their behavior and improve customer purchase experience. This type of system was recently designed by Facebook.

     Facial recognition is spreading between many platforms and organizations as a security tool and it is also becoming more advanced. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that there’s no way to fool the system.

     Researchers from the AI firm, Kneron, were able to bypass Chinese airport checkpoints using printed 3D masks. The experiment showed that testers were able to enter AliPay and WeChat terminals and make a purchase without any complications. Same method appeared to be working for the train station. Of course, fooling the system only works with certain limitations.

     It is still unclear how many attempts took place during this experiment and what was the percentage of masks that worked. Printed by Kneron facial masks did not achieve the same results when trying to go around Apple’s and Huawei’s protection. Both companies use advanced structured light sensors whereas Kneron was using simple single RGB sensors to run their experiment.

     There are many privacy issues that arise from using facial recognition. This technology is in the process of being banned in many cities and entire states, some of them have already been successful. Facial recognition industry is expected to be grown over the next 5 years. What are the ways to protect yourself when you are being watched and your information can be hijacked by someone else?

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